Five Dot Botanics Daily Prep Carrot and Evening Primrose Protecting Facial Oil 30ml | 5060592400010

Powered by the goodness of plants, Five Dot Botanics’ facial oil is brimming with thirst-quenching ingredients to banish dryness and promote a softer, smoother complexion. Made using just five oils, the blend boasts a minimalistic formula that’s highly targeted and nourishing. It’s an expertly made cocktail of Grapeseed, Sunflower, Carrot, Ubuntu Seed and Evening Primrose Oils. With a high concentration of natural antioxidants, the face oil is able to offer protection against external aggressors. They act as an invisible shield, warding off future harm for a calmer, less reactive end result. Skin may seem fortified and better able to withstand harsh indoor and outdoor conditions. The oils come together to lock in essential moisture, ensuring skin feels hydrated and balanced. It’s perfect for countering tight sensations and offers relief to dry patches, encouraging longer-lasting comfort. Made in Britain.

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