Skimono Indulgence Discovery Pack for Face, Hands and Feet | 5060487380182

Treat yourself to the ultimate relaxing night in with the Skimono Indulgence Discovery Pack for Face, Hands and Feet. Influenced by Asian beauty trends that work to reverse damage caused to skin due to harsh external factors, the masks coat skin in intense hydration that lasts, leaving it baby-soft and irresistibly smooth. Free from parabens and toxins. The Set Contains: 1 x Bio-Cellulose Beauty Sheet Mask for Face Natural Bio-Cellulose with its 3-D structure coats the base of your face, allowing your skin to absorb the moisture faster and more efficiently. With the ability to hug the curves and crevices of your bone structure, the light-weight mask does not leave an area of skin untouched. Hyaluronic Acid targets patches of particularly dry skin and encourages it to retain moisture and hydration for longer. Honey and Damascus Rose extracts create a powerful veil against external factors, helping your skin to become stronger. 1 x Bio-Cellulose Beauty Glove Mask for Hands If you have been suffering from dry, tired skin on your hands, its ability to retain moisture may be lacking. Improve and boost it by drenching your hands in hydration with the glove-like hand masks, enriched with Aloe Vera and Shea Butter to encourage long-lasting softness throughout the day. Highly concentrated Hyaluronic Acid seeks out areas of intensely dry skin, minimising coarseness and roughness. 1 x Bio-Cellulose Beauty Sock Mask for Feet Immerse your feet in total luxury with the replenishing foot mask treatment. Olive Oil and Shea Butter penetrate the skin of the feet deeply, moisturising from within, while Tea Tree extract and natural Chamomile offer a powerful anti-bacterial effect. Regular use can ensure hard skin feels softer and more supple, with cracks and dry patches minimised.

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