Sachajuan Anti Pollution Limited Edition Collection | 5060216726359

Urban life exposes hair to a myriad of environmental pollutants. Sachajuan’s Anti Pollution Limited Edition Collection is designed to help mitigate the effects of environmental aggressors on the hair, working to protect the hair and scalp. The 3-step routine is powered by 3 unique and highly concentrated ingredients that prevent pollutant particles from adhering to the hair and scalp subsequently reducing the need to wash your hair and improving the condition and moisture balance of the hair over time. Set Contents: Anti-Pollution Shampoo 250ml Cleansing the hair of impurities, this detoxifying formula helps to create a protective barrier against pollution and mineral build up, working to prevent colour fade and damage. Anti-Pollution Conditioner 250ml This replenishing conditioner helps to seal the hair against the effects of pollution, locking in moisture and nutrients. Protective Hair Perfume Ideal for city dwellers, this innovative hair mist provides a final protective layer against urban aggressors, imparting the incredible signature SACHAJUAN scent to leave your hair with lasting freshness.

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