Pearl Drops Sensitive Natural White Toothpaste 75ml | 5010724533079

Reveal a set of pearly whites with the Pearl Drops Sensitive Natural White Toothpaste, a specialist whitening toothpaste designed to gently whiten teeth in two weeks. Formulated for sensitive teeth, the clinically proven toothpolish contains 95% natural origin ingredients*, including pure Coconut Oil, White Clay and Baking Soda to effectively clean and lift away surface stains without damaging tooth enamel. The low abrasion formula has a lightweight glossy texture and utilises light and cool Spearmint Oils to provide a refreshing lift, while essential Fluoride and plaque removers work to keep teeth strong and healthy. Teeth will start to look bright and shiny after first use and will be naturally whiter in two weeks. Clinically tested and safe for everyday use. *Mixture of natural and derived mineral origin ingredients.

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