Gatineau Therapie Purete Mineraux Marins Micellar Water 160ml | 5051389021983

Instantly refresh your complexion with the Gatineau Therapie Purete Mineraux Marins Micellar Water. This cleansing water gently lifts away impurities and stubborn traces of makeup from the skin’s surface, leaving the visage clean and revitalised. Providing a soothing but effective cleanse, the purifying formula is replete with a host of skin-loving ingredients. Mineralised Seawater, sourced from a French Island in the Bay of Biscay, is the main component, helping to enhance complexions with a healthy-looking radiance. Citric Acid works to reinforce the skin barrier while refining the surface for a smoother, more even texture. Glycerin releases a quenching burst of moisture, supporting a supple and silky-soft visage. Designed to calm inflammation as it freshens the skin, this face cleanser glides swiftly across the complexion, capturing dirt, debris and lingering cosmetics for a bright and luminous finish.

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