Freezeframe Stretch Mark Eraser 80ml | 9342905007458

Regain confidence in your skin with Freezeframe’s Stretch Mark Eraser, an innovative dry body oil that utilises Stem Technology to help visibly reduce the appearance of old and new stretch marks by more than half in as little as 2 weeks. Implementing technology that was first used to help heal third degree burns, the clinically proven formula expertly targets stretch marks to ease visible darkness, redness, length and width. Utilising StemStim technology™ (created with the power of Adipose derived Stem Cells) and skin relaxing Peptides, the erasing oil glides effortlessly across skin without greasy residue and targets both new and old stretch marks, easing their appearance whilst reducing skin tension for smoother-looking effect. The results? Clinical studies show that new stretch marks had a 92% reduction of visible redness after 12 weeks, and old, stubborn stretch marks up to 94% visible reduction. Effectively minimising the severity of stretch mark appearance, the body oil also contains Glycoproteins and MMP inhibitors that may help to hinder the development of new stretch marks by strengthening skin and improving elasticity. Leaving no greasy after feel, the moisturising oil with Liquid Cocoa Butter will leave skin feeling smoother, more even in appearance and protected. Fragrance free.

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