FOREO UFO Mini Skincare Secrets Gift Set | 7350120790781

Create a spa-inspired experience in your own home with the Foreo Skincare Secrets Set: UFO mini 2 + 32 UFO Power Activated Masks. This ultimate collection of skincare must-haves features the renowned Foreo UFO mini 2 facial device, alongside five boxes of deeply nourishing face masks. Use each face mask in conjunction with the UFO mini 2 to deeply infuse the powerful ingredients into your skin. Housed in a vibrant gift box this set makes the perfect present for skincare lovers this Christmas. Set Contents: UFO mini 2 in Mint This supercharged device offers a spa-like facial in your own home. The microcirculation boosting massage helps to warm and soften the skin, it hyper-infuses the active ingredients of the masks deeper into the layers of your skin. Experience LED light therapy to help intensely hydrate and improve the texture of your complexion for a radiant-looking glow. 100% waterproof, USB rechargeable Up to 40 uses per charge, 2-Year Limited Warranty, UFO mini 2 operates with “FOREO for you” app available for Android and iOS devices Make My Day x1 box (6 per box) This mask is nfused with hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate and promote a radiant, youthful, and glowing complexion. Manuka Honey x1 box (6 per box) Infused with manuka honey, this rich mask helps to soften and smooth the complexion for a long-lasting radiant glow. Acai Berry x1 box (6 per box) The acai berry face masks are rich in antioxidants to help protect the complexion against environmental aggressors, and leaves your skin with a soft glow. Coconut Oil x1 box (6 per box) This intensely moisturising formula helps to nourish your skin for a hydrated and silky-smooth complexion. Call It a Night x1 box (6 per box) This deeply nourishing mask is infused with ginseng and olive oil to restore luminosity and leave your skin feeling ultra-soft to the touch.

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