Bubble T Cosmetics Frozen Winter Berries Selection Box | 5060591033301

Indulge in the sweet and comforting scent of Frozen Winter Berries with this Bubble T selection box. Harnessing the natural power of tea-based properties, this warming winter gift set will transform your bath and shower routine with a delicious frosty fruitiness. Set Contents: Bubble T Bath Salts 250g Designed to create an aromatic and relaxing environment, the Frozen Winter Berries bath salts will bring a luxuriously fruity and sweet scent to your bath time. Sprinkle as many or as little as you like to turn your bathroom into a winter wonderland. Bubble T Shower Gel 100ml Revitalise your shower routine with the sweet and warming scent of Bubble T’s Frozen Winter Berries shower gel. The foaming cleanser will release a winter fragrance that will keep you feeling festive all day. Bubble T Bath Fizzer 150g Transform bath time with the Frozen Winter Berries bath fizzer from Bubble T. Completely cruelty free and vegan, the fruity bath bomb will send warming winter aromatics fizzing through the water .

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