Wahl Gel Pack Massager | 5037127019818

Experience a soothing massage with the Wahl Gel Pack Massager, a hot and cold, vibrating gel pack massager that helps to soothe and comfort the feeling of tired, weary muscles. Perfect for using post-workout or after a long day at work, the quick and easy-to-use massager combines a reusable gel pack (that can be microwaved or frozen, depending on desired effect) with a vibrating massage disc, and pouch that has a 47cm Velcro strap for a hands free massage. To use, simply insert the gel pack into the pouch with the vibrating massage disc, strap to the body and enjoy a soothing massage; the vibrations radiate out through the gel to help comfort and relieve your body. Heat the gel pack up to help relax the feeling of sore muscles, or freeze the gel pack to help ease swelling and inflammation with a numbing effect. The extra thick gel pack is reusable, microwaveable and freezable. Includes: Hot-cold gel pack, massaging disc, soft protective case. Features: Wahl Gel Pack Massager Reusable gel pack Case with Velcro strap for hands free massage Quick and easy to use Gel pack is microwaveable and freezable Use hot to to relax muscles Use cold to help reduce swelling and inflammation Battery operated (2 x AAA – not included)

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