Talika Slim Serum 100ml | 3139439630001

Transform skin with the Talika Slim Serum; an advanced treatment inspired by Photo-Beauty Therapy® to alleviate the appearance of cellulite and ‘orange peel’. Developed around the concept of reconstructive technologies such as liposuction and ultrasounds, the innovative formula contains high performance active ingredients and age-defying plant extracts to trigger a unique mechanism within skin’s structure to convert released fat into cellular energy for an enhanced slimming process. N-Lauroyl Proline (including Lauric Acid) and Sorbitan Laurate effectively reduce fat stores and slows down fat build up, while a Photo-Beauty Enzyme® recreates the effects of natural light on cellular activity to ensure long lasting results. As a result, skin feels firmer and more toned with replenished hydration levels and a refined surface texture. The look of cellulite and dimples is visibly reduced and body contours appear sculpted and defined.

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