MGO 400+ Manuka Honey with CycloPower – 30 Caps | 9421023623365

Experience the benefits of Manuka Honey in an even more powerful form. MGO™ 400+ Manuka Honey with CycloPower™ is a chewable tablet form of MGO™ 400 Manuka Honey; one tablet contains 3 teaspoons of MGO 400™ Manuka Honey and offers up to 50 times the effect of MGO™ 400 alone thanks to increased bioavailability. CYCLOPOWER™ is the most active form of Manuka Honey available; encapsulating MGO™ 400 Manuka Honey in a cyclodextrin molecule increases the powerful benefits, and is perfect for those who do not enjoy the taste of honey (the tablets have a mild honey flavour). Each chewable tablet is convenient, easy to swallow and low GI. Benefits: 1 tablet = 3 teaspoons of MGO 400™ Manuka Honey. Up to 50 times more potent than MGO 400™ Manuka Honey. Convenient chewable tablets. Low GI. Mild taste suited to those who don’t like honey.

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