L’Oréal Paris Men Expert Ultimate Sensitive Kit Christmas Gift | 5011408090864

Feel perfectly groomed with the L’Oréal Paris Men Expert Ultimate Sensitive Kit. Developed for men with sensitive skin, the collection combines four must-haves for clean, fresh and comfortable skin. The Set Contains: Hydra Sensitive Shower Gel (300ml) A 3-in-1 wash for the face, hair and body. Enriched with Birch Sap, the soothing shower gel has been expertly formulated to eliminate dirt and impurities from sensitive skin. The gel cleanses without causing dryness to leave skin feeling instantly clean, refreshed and hydrated – the perfect kick-start to your morning. Hydra Sensitive Face Wash (150ml) Catering specifically for sensitive skin types, the daily face wash gently dissolves excess oil and dirt without stripping moisture. Powered by Birch Tree Sap, a naturally derived ingredients, the wash will leave skin feeling clean, smooth and comfortable around the clock. Hydra Sensitive Comfort Roll-On (50ml) Harnessing the powers of naturally-derived Birch Sap, the deodorant effectively delivers 4-in-1 protection; working to combat odour, diminish white and yellow marks and deflect sweat for up to 48 hours. Sensitive skin feels fresh, dry and soothed. Hydra Sensitive Moisturiser (50ml) A fast-absorbing, non-greasy formula that works to soothe, cool and calm skin without oily residue. Fortified with naturally-derived Birch Tree Sap, the lightweight emulsion reinforces the skin’s natural barrier function and defends against environmental aggressors.

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