Lime Crime Eye Shadow Palette – Venus II | 858923005325

Create your boldest look yet with the Lime Crime Venus II Eye Shadow Palette, a collection of eight dark, distinct shades that are perfect for creating a glamorous nu-grunge look. From luminous blue matte to sparkling black, the eyeshadows are packed with pigment and will take you through the day and night without fading or fall out. The mirrored palette is decorated with signature Venus artwork for an ultra-luxe finish. Vegan and cruelty-free. Shades Included: Pigeon (brown/green shift pearl) Filter (luminous cornflower blue glow matte) Marsh (mossy grey-green glow matte) Mustard (corduroy creamy matte) Fly (ivory/green shift pearl) Jam (pumpkin spice creamy matte) Mud (rich burgundy-brown creamy matte) Boot (nebula black sparkle matte)

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