Gillette ProGlide Wash Bag Gift Set | 7702018442683

The Gillette ProGlide Wash Bag Gift Set combines the innovative FlexBall razor with a non-foaming shave gel to leave the face feeling smooth and comfortable. Complete with a handy wash bag. The Set Contains: ProGlide FlexBall Razor An advanced razor that responds to the contours of your face with FlexBall Technology. Performing a close shave every time, the razor features Gillette’s thinnest, finest blades, and removes facial hair comfortably with less tug and pull. Its five precision blades help reduce pressure per blade for a comfortable, close shave. Equipped with a precision trimmer to the back for edging and touch areas, such as nose and sideburns. Arrives one blade refill. Fusion Shaving Gel (200ml) A transparent, non-foaming shave gel that has been specially formulated to allow complete visibility during shaving and edging. Enriched with advanced lubricants, the formula enables incredible glide, comfort and smoothness during the shaving process. Travel Bag

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