freezeframe Night No Needle Topical Micro Injection 30ml | 9342905007625

Turn back the clock with the freezeframe Night No Needle Topical Micro Injection; a topical alternative to injections that works like a mini face lift for visibly lifted, firmer skin with a youthful radiance. Delivering line filling equivalent to a collagen injection and a wrinkle freezing with visible results rivalling Botox, the non-invasive formula drives a boost in elasticity to maturing skin. Powered by breakthrough biolifting technology that works to restore skin’s firmness, the age-reversing treatment helps to significantly reduce signs of skin ageing by freezing expression wrinkles and loss of elasticity (sagging eyes and cheeks, marionette lines and jowls, facial squaring and turkey neck). Working through the night whilst skin is most receptive, the lightweight formulation offers the benefits of intense rejuvenation and powerful facial lifting and contouring, whilst filling in pores to create a perfect canvas for makeup. With consecutive use, skin will appear dramatically smoother and firmer with improved resilience and bounce. Fragrance-free.

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