Ellia Gather Ultrasonic Diffuser – Cream | 0031262074768

The Ellia ‘Gather’ Ultrasonic Diffuser from HoMedics has been beautifully designed with wood and ceramic, filling your abode with an aroma of essential oils alongside relaxing sounds for an uplifting experience. Designed to be used in conjunction with Ellia Essential Oils, the device utilises high-frequency technology to convert a blend of water and oil into a fine mist that disperses evenly into the air for a rich, long lasting aroma. The spherical form adds a luxurious touch to any home décor, with a colour-changing light creating a glowing ambiance and the option to choose from a library of sounds to suit your mood – from relaxing to energetic. A convenient remote allows for ease of use and the unit will automatically shut off once the reservoir is empty for peace of mind, with a continuous runtime of 7 hours or 14 hours with intermittent use. Choose your favourite Ellia Essential Oil and re-create a spa-like experience within your own home with the advanced electronic diffuser that effortlessly promotes a sense of wellbeing, calm and happiness dependent on the oil. Features: Ultrasonic Technology: This diffuser uses ultrasonic, high-frequency technology to convert the water and essential oil into a fine mist that is dispersed into the air evenly, delivering natural aroma to enhance your mood. Color-Changing Light: The gentle glow creates a peaceful environment. Choose your desired color to best match your mood. Relaxing and Uplifting Sounds: Quiet your mind or boost your energy. Runtime: Up to 10 hours of continuous runtime or 20 hours of intermittent runtime. Soothing Humidity: Alleviates dry air. Auto Shut-Off Protection: When the reservoir is empty, the unit will shut off automatically. Reservoir Capacity: 200ml. Adapter Voltage: 100 – 240V 50/60Hz.

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