Baby Quasar PLUS | 091037461445

Baby Quasar PLUS is an anti-ageing infrared light therapy device equipped with collagen-building and elastin-strengthening red light technology to promote smoother, younger-looking skin in as little as eight weeks. Boasting three to four times the power of other light treatment devices, the petite, pain-free facial device combines different shades of red and amber LED lights with infrared light to perform a firming effect while smoothening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with long-lasting results. Medical science has proven that applying red and amber lights along with infrared light onto affected skin kick-starts the production of collagen and elastin. Its smaller treatment head with 3mm LED lights makes it convenient to use and highly portable when travelling. Completely safe, the light therapy treatment is dermatologist recommended and perfect for using at home with no reported side effects. Features: Baby Quasar PLUS for ageing skin Strengthens collagen and elastin 3mm LEDs and 1.44 inch diameter head Red, amber and infrared lights 3 minute auto shut off Safe/no side effects Dermatologist recommended FDA cleared Comes with: Power Adaptor, Protective Goggles, Travel Pouch, Protective Lens Cap, Instruction Manual

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